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The collaboration between La Meccanica and ITS Meccatronico keeps going on

For years supporting the outgoing training


Companies play a fundamental role in the success of training courses.
For this reason, La Meccanica has signed up for the ITS Meccatronico Veneto project.

It actively participates in the design phase of the courses, intervening with his own technicians and it helps to develop projects that the students carry out in the company, according to the concept of school-work alternation.

At least 50% of the duration of the courses takes place in the company and this immediately establishes a very strong link with the production world, through internships that can also take place abroad with the Erasmus + program.


La Meccanica is been able to:

  • Participate actively in the design phase of the courses, intervening with their technicians both in the writing phase of the projects and with indications and suggestions on the draft of the training projects.

  • Collaborate in the selection phase of candidates and intermediate assessment of the students, proposing their own representatives in the relevant commissions.

  • Elaborate the projects that the trainees carry out in the company.

  • Insert schedules of specific lessons held by company technicians.

  • Organize courses for employees taught by ITS teachers.

  • Form the company tutors.

  • Perform research activities.


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