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La Meccanica’s vertical mills






Our vertical mills are characterized by high safety standards: bearing temperature is monitored by PT 100 sensors and a vibration detection system may be installed. They’re quieter than the horizontal ones and construction in compliance with ATEX 22 standards. The mill is fitted with a dispenser with stone and metal removal system and the impeller features high mechanical reliability thanks to two supports with independent bearings. The motor and impeller are connected with a flexible coupling.

La Meccanica vertical mill

They are available in three versions: MV 600, MV 900, MV 1250. MV series is used for the fine or ultrafine grinding of a large number of materials with low to moderate hardness and abrasivity, such as corn, oats, barley or soya. These mills are fitted with a vertical shaft rotor rotating at high speed to which hammers are fastened rigidly.
The material is ground by impact and rubbing against a screen.

The advantage of using the vertical mill in production, as opposed to the horizontal shaft versions are:

- Reduced electricity consumption (25% lower than a horizontal hammer mill with the same capacity)
- Limited airflow, that results in significant energy savings and limited product moisture loss during the grinding stage
- Screens and hammers are hooked to make their replacement really easy
- The grinding chamber is easy to clean and inspect



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