From Cittadella to Cairo: “our” expertise goes around the world | 29/03/2013

What does Cairo, the capital of Egypt, have to do with the territory around a company in Cittadella? A link exists: the expertise of LA MECCANICA Srl travelled that far last February. There were over 100 participants in the full-immersion seminar on “milling techniques”, held for two days and organized by the engineer Roberto Reffo’s company in the capital of Egypt. The idea of sharing and spreading competences has always been one cornerstone for La Meccanica Srl: for years Reffo has aimed at product innovation and the ability to “absorb” new technologies and top quality standards offered by the market. This viewpoint led to the company in Cittadella joining forces with the Research Institute of Feed Technology IFF in Braunschweig, Germany. These experts from the German institute were already the protagonists of another two seminars held in Padua in April and May 2011, thanks also to the collaboration of Agripolis in Legnaro. These two events inspired the adventure in Cairo, one of the markets where La Meccanica Srl sells its machinery. Apart from the German experts, also Italian specialists in feed and nutrition held courses. Requests varied: while in Padua the focus was mainly on product quality, the highest standards and preservation techniques, in Cairo the seminar concentrated on how to make the machines work best.

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