Step by step into the future. Innovation is a challenge that is welcome at MECCANICA SRL . in each project and in all plants very high is the attention to new technologies, at the highest quality standards in the market.

The product, tne result rare are always considered as a starting point for further improvement, for another step forward.

This is the vision of the company: get involved everyday , since 1961, when the small company was founded by Ottorino Reffo. And it is even so: the company's engineers are studying constantly new solutions and want to test new technological devices with the ability to quickly use the information coming from the market, and changing them in a competitive advantage for the company.

Study, research and innovation to overcome the difficulties and to emerge even stronger.

In this way the company works: ready to follow new paths, careful to make their products better and better with the help of the most advanced technology.

Experience and tradition of years of work are the basis, the starting point: those who work with LA MECCANICA know to have at disposal the latest technologies available.



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