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La Meccanica srl is specialized in the production of dies for all the main brands of pellet mills.
50 years of experience in die and roller shell production offers a guarantee of quality and reliability.

We can guarantee:
  • high quality special steels to high chromium content steels
  • extremely precise manufacture
  • perforation and mirror polishing of holes
  • vacuum heat treatment
  • minimum die deformation after heat treatment
  • test and control before shipment
  • rapid delivery times
  • all dies are through hardened to 53-54HRc.

Our production plant is fully automated and equipped with cutting edge technology and the dies we manufacture are exported to all over the world.
Some salient features of our dies:
  • easy production start-up’s
  • high productivity
  • long life.

Our dies rapidly achieve full production because they have:
  • perfect finish of the holes
  • vacuum heat treatment eliminating oxidation of the steel.
Long life of our dies is assured by:
  • construction in quality steel with high carbon and chromium
  • high hardness after heat treatment.

  • our dies have an extremely precise and regular perforation:
    the “honeycomb” layout of the holes is faultless
  • our dies are ground inside in order to eliminate any
    deformation after treatment (guaranteed maximum
    deformation = 0.5 mm).

All steels undergo quality control. Certificates of analysis can be provided on request.
To supply the correct die we must know the type of pellet mill and size of the die being used. We can produce dies with hole patterns to customer specification or manufacture dies to our own hole pattern designs based on our long experience.
All roller-shells are manufactured using high-carbon steels.
All roller-shells are surface-hardened up to 58-62 HRc.
Hardening depth is 6-7 mm for C50 steel.
The heat treatment is characterised by uniform hardening and hardening depth to ensure maximum durability.
All our products are finished by skilled staff.
Roller-shell surface hardening is tested before delivery to ensure premium quality.
How can the die characteristics be determined?
This is where experience becomes an important factor. The selection of a die specification is often the result of a compromise between the different needs of the many formulas produced in a production plant and from the...
The lifespan of a die depends on many factors:
  • the composition of the raw material (formulation)
  • the characteristics of the raw materials used in the feed
  • the fat content
  • the particle size of the mash
  • the moisture content before pelleting...