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Ongoing innovation to build the future

Globalization, and especially the market entry of developing countries such as China, India and Brazil, not only as producers but also as outlet markets, has highlighted the stalemate situation, which, for several years, has slowed down the expansion of the activities of European companies. New competitive frontiers have imposed a review of marketing policies and, above all, a change in speed.

The focus of the market has shifted: today, customers are not only in Europe but also all over the world. A  change has occurred in the balance of companies on the market, which  had been previously established over years of “easy” sales. Today, development and global growth are taking place in five countries, which can be summed up in the acronym that calls for respect: BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa); however, we cannot overlook Africa and the Middle East, which are potential markets despite internal tensions.

Moreover, today, no marketing aspects can be ignored: products, prices, distribution and promotion. 

Since last year, La Meccanica has therefore been committed to radical change on various fronts: 

1. Products: today, when speaking about products we refer to quality, innovation and research. This is why La Meccanica has launched new projects to renew and extend its existing wide range. Today, our offer includes lines for lubricating pellets and for adding enzymes, as well as automatic management and remote control systems. Our new products include, the CLM 1000 press, which can produce over 40 t/h of pellets for broilers, and the SBR C 1 350.1800 crumbler, which can 

achieve and exceed 20 t/h. In addition, an important partnership has been established with the University of Padua and with the Parco Scienifico Galileo based on the study of new materials and technological research into heat treatment. Our goal is to expand so that we can provide increasingly prompt and professional solutions.

2. Prices: more stringent analytical control of the production cycle and production costs to allow us, today, to offer even more competitive prices. Working groups have been set up with local firms to identify the best technologies in order to reduce production costs while retaining very high processing standards. 

3. Distribution: a collaboration project has been launched with other international partners in our sector to access end markets: China, India and Mexico. These markets offer huge and highly interesting opportunities, but unfortunately their distance limits our competitiveness, hence the need for local partnerships not only for sales but also for production. 

4. Promotion: we are improving our company’s new website in order to use the innovative tools that new computer technology offers us: blogs, forums and cloud computing.

We aim to reach all potential customers through clear, comprehensive and effective information, and collect feedback and useful suggestions from the market to identify the needs of those who use our products. Our company’s future depends on all this and on our ability to provide solutions.

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