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Ongoing training: a company philosophy.

At La Meccanica, we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge, as we are convinced that it plays a strategic role in the life cycle of a company. Sharing knowledge between the players of a system in- creases potential, since sharing has an exceptional leverage effect.

Potential increases even more if the system opens up to the world, which is an enormous mind of information and has now become small thanks to new communication technologies. Hence, it is important to know how to intercept information and transfer it within a company system in a structured and coordinated flow, and then share the information at training sessions adapted to the various company processes.

Training and sharing knowledge are the two key words that should guide our future. This is why La Meccanica has chosen to invest in projects to develop and manage information and train its staff. This is done by implementing projects shared with other local companies and through company training sessions that involve accredited training bodies, expert trainers, research institutes, with a view to innovation and growth. These projects include Google Apps, Timing and Methods, USA-Scouting and Steel Lab.

With this in mind, special attention has been given to education and updates for teachers and students. This has led to the “Azienda Formatrice” project, which is aimed at “integrated local growth” as a development model that helps individuals, companies and the local area to compete on an international scale. For this reason, we are opening our doors to schools for company visits and we support school projects with the cooperation of other businesses. This year, La Meccanica has signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Istituto Tecnico Superiore (higher technical institute). In Italy there are no systematic post-high school graduation training courses as an alternative to university. The Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS) are primarily intended to guarantee permanent two-year courses in technological fields in line with European, national and regional economic programmes. For us, all this means being a dynamic company; having understood that to extend our life cycle it is not enough to design new products but we need to open up to the world.

Roberto Reffo CEO La Meccanica

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