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La Meccanica in Algiers for SIMA-SIPSA

The new edition of SIPSA-SIMA will take place in Algiers from 8 to 11 October 2018.

Again this year La Meccanica will participate in the livestock and agri-business show SIMA-SIPSA. The trade will present the latest innovations and a series of forums and Insight sessions on the topic of animal feed.

Algeria is a high-potential market undergoing an agricultural renaissance:

- 10% of the nation’s GDP comes from agriculture
- 41.4 million hectares of agricultural land (17.4% of the territory)
- 8.5 million hectares of Utilised Agricultural Land (UAL)
- More than 1 million farms
- 95% of the agricultural equipment needs come from imports
- 25% of the working population employed by this sector
- Increase in agricultural production since the launch of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Programme (PNDAR) and the agricultural and rural economy regeneration policy

The new Government Action Plan, prioritising the development of domestic agriculture and the promotion of agricultural products, has the aims of:

- investing in food safety, improving quality, diversifying and promoting local products, 
- promoting the mechanisation of production to compensate for the shortfall in farm labour,
- support the development of agro-industrial activity, 
- developing infrastructure, 
- promoting the transmission of know-how and R&D

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