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Let's talk about pellet for animal feed!

The trade show IRAN PLEX (International Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock, Dairy and Related Industries) will take place in Tehran, Iran from 6 to 9 September 2018.


La Meccanica for the second time at IRAN PLEX: come visit us!


Food has always played significant role in the emergence, survival and demise of civilizations. Nutritional knowledge has an important role in body’s natural growth, intellectual ability, coping with illnesses, longevity and quality of Life. In fact, suitable nutrition guarantees the health of society and happiness in life, working environment and leads to social welfare.

Regarding the growing demand for livestock and poultry products directly and indirectly in food industry and in clothing industry respectively as well as the capability of this industry in job creation, it has drawn the attention of Iranian authorities.

Along with industrialization, livestock and poultry industry has grown well. This industry has a significant contribution to GDP and important role in job creation. On the one hand, population growth and growing demand food as well as the high capacity of this industry on the other hand, has made importance to take policies to have a sustainable presence in competitive global markets. In this regard, it is necessary to use modern and scientific management and creation of appropriate infrastructure and utilizing capabilities and existing capabilities in the field of production, storage and distribution of products related to industrial methods and monitoring of production to the consumer market and education programs aimed at increasing production.

For these reasons, IRAN PLEX is going to be held with the aim of presenting capability, and facilities of this industry to producers.

In 2017, 488 exhibitors seized the trade show IRAN PLEX as a presentation platform for their products and services. 50.200 visitors attended to inform themselves on innovations and trends in their business.

It is already the second time that La Meccanica participates in this event in one of the most interesting emerging markets of the moment.

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