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LaMec International

La Meccanica offers international technical support for all types of machinery and plants in biomass and animal feed sector.  With 44 machines in North America, 32 in South America, 182 in Africa, 1457 in Europe and 174 in Asia, the company can boast hundreds of partners and distributors worldwide.

To ensure the best possible service in terms of speed and efficiency, La Meccanica  founded LaMec International, a global network that meets the growing demand for quality in the production, providing a professional service and technical training.

The service of LaMec is focused on:

- Technical assistance and consultancy (technical personnel on site to provide fast and efficient service)

- Prevention of machinery breakdown’s service (check-up, repairs, optimization and upgrade)

- Technical consultancy for optimization of production and drop in consumption (research and fault diagnosis, machinery upgrades, research and development, security for workers)

- Staff training (technical courses, personnel training)

In this way our partners can:

• Save money optimizing time and production costs

• Improve the quality of products with a better machinery management

• Increase security thanks to the constant training of the technical staff

• Create innovation through a research service focused on customer demands

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