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Innovating to Compete

In an increasingly global market, where competitors are waging a ruthless war on prices, at La Meccanica we have chosen a different path. If a company only focuses on cutting costs in order to offer increasingly lower prices, at best it will win the battle in the short term but will be a loser in the long term.

At La Meccanica, we believe that the winning card is to offer a highquality product with an excellent service supported by a modern and dynamic company set-up. Innovation and ongoing improvement are the only paths to take in order to achieve this goal. 

I would like to give you some examples of how we are trying to innovate in various fields. The first concerns the choice of investing many resources and energies into IT tools that facilitate access to data, information collection and sharing. In a world where we are inundated by useful and useless information every day, it has become essential to be able to select and handle it fast.

A further example is a project that is currently being concluded. We have seen that the quality of our dies is largely due to the stringent

manufacturing tolerances that we apply, one of them being ovalization. In collaboration with the University of Padua, our suppliers and highly specialised technicians, we are conducting tests on heat treatments that are producing some very interesting results. 

Finally, there are the investments we have chosen to make in staff training and development. These include a course that we are organising for September, in collaboration with the German research institute IFF. We have already offered this course to our Italian and Egyptian customers in a shorter format but we have redesigned it with a view to training technical and commercial staff. The participants will be La Meccanica employees and several agents from the Middle East and Asia. 

I would like to conclude with LamecSteel-Lab... a great innovation that I will tell you about in the next issue, and which I hope you will often hear more about in the future.

Emanuele Zoppi