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La Meccanica Academy, LM Space stage of the biennial Street Art - Super Walls

The walls of Padua and its province have been transformed into works of art in the third edition of the "Biennial Street Aet -Super Walls” which this year involved 31 male and female artists who created their works by being inspired by the theme of respect.

The walls of Padua and its province have been transformed into works of art in the third edition of the "Biennial Street Art -Super Walls” which involves this year 31  artists who created their works inspired by the theme of respect.

37 works of art are proudly displayed on schools, supermarkets, football stadiums, public spaces and buildings, transforming the city of Padua and other cities nearby  (Cittadella in primis)   into an open-air art gallery.

Our academy and coworking LM Space, was one of the first locations in the stage of the Biennial Street Art-Super Walls!

sede LM Space academy


The 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘀, a duo formed by the artists Vanesa Galdeanov (architect) and Anlì Chiaquia (degree in artistic disciplines) of Argentine origins who live in Barcelona, ​​changed the look of our headquarters. Medianeras have been creating works in public spaces for 12 years and for us, they have created a portrait within an abstract and illusory world that changes according to the point of observation. 

How was the idea born?

The Medianeras, as the meaning of the word itself, create walls that do not divide spaces but which are shared between neighbors, and at the same time to reach agreements between the different parties.

We like this concept because we believe that public art claims the idea of a place shared by all individuals. 

“We try to change the usual way of perceiving spaces, to modify the urban landscape of the street and to enjoy the creative process together with the community of each place where we paint” the girls told  us.

"In this specific case we worked on two images, a face that has more masculine features and another more feminine, creating a game of perspective and a mural to be observed from different points of view. The idea is that, depending on the position from which you look at the work, you can see - from the junction of the main wall with the corner of the second wall - a woman in the foreground and a man flattened behind the woman's gaze; then changing the point of view, that is perspective, one can observe the distorted figure of the woman and that of the man placed in front. The concept is that in every position assumed, you never see the same figure, nor do you ever have the same perspective."

The aim is therefore to abandon the gender differentiation strictly linked to fixed elements, instead giving it a certain fluidity, making us understand that all points of view can be equally valid depending on the perspective from which they are observed. The diversity of opinions thus becomes an important aspect because it is linked to the theme of respect and equality, concepts valid always and everywhere for everyone. The variety of faces drawn represents the diversity in the community spectrum and the existence of the different collectives.

This experiment can be said to be unique in its kind, because so far the two artists have always worked on a single wall, while here a dual performance comes into play, that is, with two images linked by the presence of two walls joined at an angle. Medianeras therefore did not abandon their game of lines, but applied it for the first time to a double perspective, integrating it into the existing architectural structure.

With this withdrawal, LM Space and La Meccanica, which were always a symbol of sharing and cooperation,  become a symbol of diversity and social inclusion, as well.