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La Meccanica for social inclusion

La Meccanica supports the project "Fare impresa nel sociale", conceived by the I bambini delle Fate association.

La Meccanica has always embraced community values ​​and is very active in local initiatives, especially when it comes to social issues. For some years, our company has been supporting local projects promoted by Fare impresa nel sociale, to ensure a better present and future for hundreds of children and young people in difficulty.

Fare Impresa nel Sociale is a national campaign aimed at entrepreneurs based on the idea of ​​continuity, concreteness and transparency in supporting social inclusion projects. The campaign was conceived by the I Bambini delle Fate association, which since 2005 has been involved in providing financial support for social inclusion projects and paths managed by local partners for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities.

"Inclusion" is a word used in various fields, from mathematics to biology passing through rhetoric and some common uses and indicates the act of including an element within a group or a whole. When it comes to the social sphere, the word "inclusion" takes on a very particular meaning of belonging to something and feeling welcomed.

Through this initiative it is possible to plan and support medium-long term inclusion paths and it becomes possible to set up a planning and programming of services for the concrete benefit of the families of our territory.