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Consideration on choosing a pellet press - Part 2

On choosing a pellet press we must pay attention not only at the machine and equipment but also at the space needed for installation and maintenance.

On choosing a pellet press we must pay attention to the elements below: 

a. The machine 
b. Auxiliary equipment
c. Available space
d. The installation.
e. Electricity.
f. The maintenance


a. The machine 

It stands out for the power of its main engine. You will have to pay attention to this aspect and choose a sturdy material of a good brand. 
In our dusty work, having a good quality motor is not a luxury, we must not forget that in the best conditions, a motor grid takes 4 days to rewind the stator and rotor, therefore a shutdown that is expensive.
In addition, this engine will have to withstand stress due to the presence of foreign bodies during the production chain, a restart after a poorly done cleaning, an overload due to an unsuccessful adjustment or an accidental interruption of the steam.
There are mechanical and electrical protections of the engine, even if the reaction times will not be immediate compared to the sudden blow suffered by the engine, which must therefore be of good quality.
Pay attention to the V-belts of the main engine, if this is the case, and choose them of good quality, free of stretch and insensitivity to moisture.
We must not forget the engine attachments, such as the power supply motor compressor, the processor etc ... in the sense that these too must be robust and waterproof, it is sufficient that one of them is in bad condition for the press to stop.
What is important in a press manufacturer, in addition to the quality of the material, is the after-sales, repair and spare parts management service. With rare exceptions, manufacturers are fully aware of the issues that may arise and do not leave their customers alone for days: with a phone call or express delivery, a builder can quickly intervene to handle any difficulties.

b. Auxiliary equipment

A press will be of no use if it is not accompanied by its essential accessories, it will be a machine without wheels. We always think of presses with the following: cooler, transmitter, fan, cyclone, conveyors, pipes, bagging, etc. ...

c. Available space 

We have introduced this topic previously with its limiting aspects. Furthermore, we think it is a pity having to postpone the installation of a socket due to lack of space. Yes, you can't play the paper of the surface, then that of height can be exploited, a question of price undoubtedly.
It is often advantageous to additionally build a new wing to the plant, and own a tool reasonable work, rather than adapting a "crippled" assembly that will become very expensive within an existing factory. For a new company, if the possibility of extension is foreseen, the problem is much simpler.
Only studies, estimates and conditions of exploitation can answer this problem.

c. The installation

Following the type of installation adopted, the assembly costs will be more or less high. In general, the manufacturer takes care of the assembly. There are other solutions, for example the presence of an assembly technician in the company, plus the contribution of manpower from the maintenance staff of the company. It is a good compromise for both the installer and you.
There will also be water and steam power (generator power), the integration of any fats, molasses or other liquid products, this study is often performed by the manufacturer of the press.

d. Electricity

On the press, the control panel and instrumentation are included in the price of the machine (often except for the main motor). If you want a control console on the side of the press, this will induce an increase on the standard price.

It will be necessary to take into account the power supply from the Medium Voltage (MV) distribution substation, as well as that of the attached material. Next to E.D.F. the underwriting agreement will have probably needed to be revised, so much so that the installed power without forgetting the possible impact on cos ϕ (capacitors). This aspect should therefore not be overlooked in the operating cost of the press.

e. The maintenance
If it is not an investment, it is no less true that the press service will require maintenance and it is necessary to consider: the stock of spare parts: rollers, belts, etc ...
stock of dies: dies in service and in stock, and for rollers.
The reserves of oil and fat.
Maintenance personnel.