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Production of machinery, plants and spare parts for the animal feed, biomass, recycling and fertilizing industries entirely Made in Italy.
Advanced machines and targeted solutions for sifting, crumbling, milling, mixing, cooling and pelleting processes.

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Animal feed pellet mill CLM 630 Xperience

Discover the new animal feed pellet mill CLM 630 Xperience with integrated App. You will have real-time process monitoring and pellet mill function, access to all product sheets and technical materials, quick orders and efficient service, remote assistance and data control system for predictive maintenance. 


La Meccanica Academy
The academy is born within La Meccanica organization to share knowledge, information and values. The academy aims to train the employees of each department and open for the training of  Italian and foreign clients.
It's a way to assure the growth from inside starting from the human assets and intellectual resources of the company while strengthening teamwork and collaboration between colleagues. 
The courses are organized by LM SPACE, a service company of La Meccanica group.
Technical support

To request technical assistance contact us at +39 049 9419000, or email:, or compiling module on our assistance page

Journey back in time
When choosing your first pellet mill or if you want to buy a new one, there are two important factors to consider: production capacity and the product to be pelleted and its granulation.

Mixing process

Why are mixers so important?

The mixer plays a vital role in the feed production process, with efficient mixing being the key to good feed production. In fact, only the perfect mixing of the feed ingredients will ensure uniform distribution of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which will result in a homogeneous nutrient content in each feed pellet. Further, it will ensure optimum growth of the animals.

Thanks to the expander, it’s possible to add high amounts of greases and oils in the formula, still obtaining a high quality pellet.

Pellet Test Line

The line is composed of all the working process steps:
milling, mixing, pelleting, cooling and a laboratory for final analysis of the quality of the pellet.


Different tests are possible: 
◾ Simple compaction - for checking if the material has the right characteristics to be pelletized
◾ Production capacity - useful to investigate if the material can be pelletized and to define a range of production capacity
◾ Grinding and/or mixing - for the customer that wants to do only a grinding and/or a mixing test
◾ Complete pellet production - it includes compaction, production capacity, grinding and mixing
◾ Material and hardness - simple analysis will also be carried out on the material (humidity and density) and pellet hardness test (PDI).
◾ Training sessions - the test line will also be used for machine management training for our technicians and customers
◾ 3D test scanner - used to perform scanning tests of already existing plants in order to bring some changes or improve the plant

3D Scanner advanced technology

The 3D Scanner is a new service offered by La Meccanica to the client who is planning a pelleting plant construction, a revamping of an existing plant or a replacement of a machine; in short time he can get the digital solution and the general idea of dimensions and design construction, in order to speed up the engineering process