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Our history

LA MECCANICA was born as an adventure, even before than a company , and was founded by Ottorino Reffo in 1961 in Cittadella.



Now it’s a family with 80 employees and the factory has a surface area of around 10.000 m2. Everything comes from the intuition of Ottorino Reffo: graduated in Aeronautical Engineering, he had the possibility to study thanks to the help of his family. He worked for fifteen years at the company Fabris, (a company founded in the twenties in Cittadella), before getting into business with the financial support of her father – in - law, Neo Costalunga. In the sixties, during the economic boom, Cittadella changed economically, becoming more industrialized. In this period of changes Mr Reffo founds La Meccanica : his intuition becomes a success, the company quickly is synonymous of precision engineering. Now the leader is Roberto Reffo, his son. His father taught him the ability to look further, and never stop.

Thanks to this LA MECCANICA is grown over the years and has enlarged its activities . Leading manufacturer of industrial lines for the production of pellets, the company offer a complete range of plants and machines, highly technological and innovative. The experience of the employees and the high quality of the products are the guarantee offered to the clients. A result achieved thanks to the work of many men and women who have allowed us to realize the dream of Ottorino Reffo over the years An adventure that goes on day by day.

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