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Biomass pelleting line

The pelleting system for wooden sawdust is one of the most important of the whole process. It’s made by pellet mill and consist in agglomeration of sawdust into wood pellet.

In the pelleting process the dried material discharged from the dryer, is conveyed to the hammer mill to standardize and adapt the size of the raw material to the extrusion process.
The pellet mill loaded by the storage silo for dried material duly grounded, produces the wood pellets by a suitable die with holes of 6 mm diameter (at the user's choice), thanks to the layered compaction of the sawdust into the holes of the die.
The pellet produced by the pellet mill is hot and charged with water steam due to the friction suffered during the extrusion and therefore needs to be cooled before being packaged. A suitable counter-flow cooler, allows, by atmospheric air, to have a lower temperature to some degree higher than the ambient, making the pellet "stabilized" ready for bagging.
Subsequently, the pellet is sieved through a suitable vibrating sifter, to definitively eliminate the powders created during the production process.
The pelleting line is equipped by a centralized dust collecting (suction) system which re-introduced it into the pelletizing process.

Key processing machinery 

Design solutions are centered around highly advanced key machinery for any type of wood and biomass grinding and pelleting. With the combination of quality machinery, process know how and general experience in the project supply, we offer 6 solutions of biomass pellet mills with high output and effective control over pellet quality as follows:

biomass pellet mills models

CLM 304 LG - Small but solid
With power of 45 kw and 6 pole-motor it was designed thinking to customers who want to install small plants, having mainly sawdust to pelletize.

CLM 420 LG - The right balance
It can handle motor power up to 110 kW. In this small model of pellet press machine, customers can get the right balance between costs and benefits. It is an excellent model for working wood, ensuring high quality pellets. 

CLM 520 LG - Neither big nor little, but sturdy
It is the model of transition between the machines with small-size and medium-size ones. It can handle motor power up to 200 kW. Its use is therefore limited to extremely difficult work such as wood sawdust, fertilizers, alfalfa. 

CLM 630 LG - The choice of strength.
Its strength and reliability made CLM 630 LG the most successful model until the market turned towards larger presses.
It can handle motor power up to 250 kW. It is the heaviest model in the series and its use is therefore limited to extremely difficult work such as wood sawdust, fertilizers, alfalfa, etc.

CLM 800 LG - Nicknamed The "tank"
This model was often used in the production of alfalfa and straw but after a restyling the machine is able to work extremely difficult products as wood. It can stand up to comparison with any competitive models in the same range and melds the construction simplicity and characteristics of all our models with a stiffness guaranteed by a heavy duty cast-iron base. Can handle motors up to 315 kW.

CLM 935 LG - The force unleashed 
This machine is the spear tip of our biomass pelleting presses models.  It was designed to work extremely difficult products, but it is able to get an incredible output and can handle electric motors with a power rating of up to 400 kW. 

Follow the link to Download the catalog and see the technical details!