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Technical features of a biomass plant

The wood pelleting plant is equipped normally with a control software for the automatic operation of the pellet production.

The wood pelleting plant is equipped normally with a control software for the automatic operation of the pellet production.

  • PLC control (Programmable Logic Control): the production process is managed by a PLC equipped with a monitor for automatic line operation.
  • Simple and intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI): the PLC is equipped with a touch screen, a computer complete with a monitor in the control room and operating panels on board the machine.

Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of appropriate sensor sets and adaptability to process drifts: the machines and the management software are equipped with detection systems to satisfy the collection of data and / or anomalies of operation.
Several electric motors of the system components are equipped with an inverter. The use of the Frequency converter (inverter) allows to vary the RPM, finding the correct speed according to the needs and consequently to obtain also:

  • Considerable energy savings;
  • Less wear and tear of mechanical parts stressed at start;
  • Saving power factor correction, because the inverter has cosfy 1, so there is a further saving in terms of purchase costs of the rephasing and further energy savings.

plc control system

It is possible to obtain benefits from the local authorities in charge, as the use of Frequency converters (inverters) is considered "use of energy efficient technologies" and therefore it can also have an economic benefit.

Responding to the latest standards in terms of safety, health and hygiene at work: the pelleting production line is designed and built respecting the terms of safety, health and occupational hygiene in force.
Remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems: the PLC is equipped with a router that allows the user to remotely monitor the production process via an internet connection (supplied by the user).

The suppliers reserve themselves the right to make any changes to the foregoing without notice. Furthermore, the foregoing does not constitute a guarantee in contractual terms, and therefore it is understood that it will be exclusively regulated at the time of signing the sales contract.

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