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La Meccanica’s ribbon mixer series MI

The ribbon mixer is used to mingle large amounts of material. The blending is performed via two mixing ribbons mounted on a common shaft working in opposing directions. La Meccanica's mixer allows mixing materials with different granulometry and specific weights with a good variation coefficient.

The mixing is performed via two mixing ribbons mounted on a common shaft working in opposing directions.

The speed of rotation is crucial to obtain the best mixing. The horizontal mixers operate optimally at a speed between 30 and 40 rpm.


The mixing time varies from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the product and the granulometry. For products with an average granulometry of about 500 microns and an apparent specific weight of approx. 0.5 kg / dm3, the mixing time is 4 minutes.

In order to allow the air to spill out, a recycling channel must be provided.




In the case of a spiral rotor, the minimum quantity shall not be less than 70% of the maximum capacity. Excessive filling of the mixer can reduce mixing action.

It is advisable to keep the level of the material to be mixed 5-8 cm below the propeller or palette profile.


La Meccanica’s mixers meet the following specifications:

- Horizontal single shaft with twin ribbon mixer

- Shaft: on heavy-duty, self-aligning roller bearings

- Double ribbon type: on central axe with counterflow mixing action

- Construction steel: mild steel (frame thickness 4mm, front flanges thickness 6 mm

- Discharge system: full width operated by a pneumatic piston (large trough-shaped discharge slide valve electro-pneumatically operated)

- Three cover plates for access and for the addition of additives

- Collection hopper

- Screw conveyor below collection hopper

- Pipe for air recycling

- Residue left in the mixer after discharge less than 0.1%

- Mixing time 3-4 minutes

- Painted with epoxidic colour

- Driven by a geared motor.


The equivalent acoustic pressure level of a mixer is Leq 69 dB (A), while the sound power level is Lw 89 dB (A).

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