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3D Scanner


The laser scanner together with dedicated application software, allows speeding up the operations of survey and elaboration of complex industrial sites, thanks to the association between image and scans, allowing to obtain a digital and three-dimensional database of the present plants (piping) with an accuracy of ± one millimeter. This is necessary to check if the dimensions of new future machines / supplies are suitable with the existing structure.




The 3D Scanner is a new service offered by La Meccanica to the client who is planning a pelleting plant construction, a revamping of an existing plant or a replacement of a machine; in short time he can get the digital solution and the general idea of dimensions and design construction, in order to speed up the engineering process 

Characteristics and function

Existing assembly lines and industrial plants can be found in detail in 3 dimensions. Thus, a millimeter-accurate database of 3D coordinates is available for the construction and / or integration of future new structures, or the reconstruction of plant parts. From this database it is possible at any time to extract plants and sections.
Infrared ray scanning to measure the temperature of all surfaces with grade precision
From the 3D model obtained from the Laser Scanner it is possible to generate complete CAD models.
Starting from complete 3D models it will be possible to simulate production processes to integrate a further processing procedure to the existing production line.
The laser scanner can detect real measures necessary to check if the dimension of the new future machines/supplies are suitable with the existing structure.
3D Model section and point cloud navigation
With the applicative software you can easily separate a specific machine.
Possibility of the 360 degrees plant view.
Possibility to make the first alignment of the scan on site to check its quality and avoid shadow areas.
Thanks to the applicative software you can insert 3D machinery inside the point cloud and evaluate the dimension of the same compared to the real scanned enviroment.


Take a look at the video to see the 3D Scanner in action!




3D Scanner is a new service offered by La Meccanica to all our clients all over the world. 
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