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Company Sustainability

La Meccanica engages to make a better tomorrow with sustainable industry.

A more sustainable world to live in

We’re making the world more sustainable by intervening in improving the production processes with advanced technology, and new products, reducing energy consumption, avoiding waste and the use of polluting products, and involving our company in environmentally sustainable activities.

Digitalization and Automation open the way for sustainable industrial innovation.

We have started our way to industrial sustainability with Industry 4.0 by innovating the production process with the introduction of advanced technology. This permits linking and analyzing data across industrial operations and helps you make smarter environmental decisions. Digitalization and automation are key levers to enable a seamless flow of information from both the real and digital worlds, delivering the necessary insights to benchmark how sustainable you are today and to achieve greater sustainability tomorrow.

Less energy with New advanced technology machinery

The new design and technology chosen for La Meccanica machinery make them more practical and efficient with less energy. The new models are the sign of changing times and represents our company's commitment to a more technological and sustainable future. Attention to form enhances the values ​​of quality and reliability that has always distinguished us.

Environment protection with the new lathe

When choosing a manufacturing machinery you have to think to achieve an emission-free supply chain, the transition towards carbon-neutral production. The machine has a pallet change system and a 24-position tool magazine, in order to reduce tooling times and therefore minimize downtime.

Solar Energy is a Cornerstone to sustainability

Solar energy is naturally more sustainable than fossil fuel energy sources and is more environmentally sustainable. With this aim, we have installed photovoltaic panels for a large part of our factory that is producing the necessary energy for the production area. 

solar pannel

Recycling and Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products have a lower impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, from the raw materials used in their manufacturing, to their design, transport to the end-user, their length of use and their capacity to be recycled. That is why we have adopted in our daily use paper cups and sticks, we've created a water bottle for our employees, and we have reduced the use of printers.

Climate change and natural disasters

La Meccanica srl ​​wants to pursue the objectives proposed by the 2030 Agenda of the UN General Assembly for sustainable development, supporting projects aimed at concretely countering the consequences of natural disasters linked to these changes and participating in this rebirth. As part of a company policy that respects the principle of sustainability also in the biomass sector, La Meccanica Srl has chosen to sustain the VAIA project a group of young people determined to create a new business model, to go beyond the idea of ​​” sustainable consumption ”.

Biomass - renewable energy from plants and animals

As company that produces machinery for the production of biomass, we promote its use in industrial factories as it reduces the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Biomass also helps reduce waste and is a reliable source of electricity.

Company Sustainability
Company Sustainability