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Front Roller Support

The front roller support rigidly constraints, from the front side, the two shafts of the rollers and has a fundamental role in the lubrication of their bearings:

  • The grease passes through a series of channels obtained inside it, connecting the lubrication pump with the roller bearings.
  • The precision of the processes and the perfect clamp closure avoid lubricant leaks.
  • The two front deflectors are fixed to the plate with clamps and can be oriented.

This is an exclusive of La Meccanica which allows the control of the perfect distribution of the product to be pelleted on the working surface of the die.

front roller support

The plate is in S355J2 steel and is machined with a planar grinding to guarantee perfect flatness.

The boring operations of the holes are performed with a very narrow tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm.

After processing, the plate is nickel-plated with an electrolytic process in order to increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion. The surface coating is suitable for contact with food according to NSF 51.