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The Virtual Tour Experience

La Meccanica presents the new interactive platform, a virtual tool for the commercial network to promote direct contact and commercial approach with customers.
A multi-user virtual reality, available in two languages, that allows you to enter La Meccanica world. 

We have developed a platform based on innovative technologies, able to re-propose the visit to the company, to overcome the difficulties associated with organizing presence tours in this delicate moment. First, it is intended to facilitate contacts with clients, foreign interlocutors and buyers, considering the current difficulty of organizing travel. 
The digital platform was also created with the aim of supporting the customer in the best product knowledge through video tutorials and direct information.

La Meccanica Virtual Tour is a 360 ° multi-user immersive virtual reality platform that integrates a two-way videoconferencing system, which can be used both with a normal PC, tablet or smartphone. It is available in two languages ​​(English and Italian) and is able to overcome the limits set by traditional videoconferencing tools, offering a real experience of presence in a place and a 360° view of the products.

Thanks to the new tool, it will be possible to welcome  all professionals of our sector on a guided tour of the company. The path is designed to live a unique experience that begins with the engineering of products, continues throughout the entire production process and ends in our exhibition space. 

Here, our guest will be able to closely admire our machines and the added value they can generate if used  into a pellet production plant.
The Virtual Tour allows you to enter the world of La Meccanica to get to meet closely during a first visit or for the presentation of a new model, new production layouts or events organized by our La Meccanica Academy. 

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the factory
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How to use La Meccanica Virtual Tour

The platform can be accessed only by invite of our commercial department or area manager. If you want to have an invitation at one of our guided tour, click the link fill in the form and plant your visit - Request a Guided Tour
You can get to know us by visiting the Conference Room, the Showroom, La Meccanica Factory and the Pellet mill Test Line.
The showroom presents all the machinery manufactured by La Meccanica by sector. You can also have access to interactive totem and see technical video tutorials. Here you can access the accessories wall and see our innovative optionals and spare parts.
This is the place where you can interact with your guide and get to know more about our company history and innovations. Here you can also see technical videos of different sectors and choose the path to follow in your tour.
In this section, you can enter inside La Meccanica production site and see the production process of our machinery and dies. You can visit the turning area, countersinking, drilling and heat treatment area.
The pellet mill testing line is a real complete laboratory small plant studied to offer to our client a service of specific pelleting tests. The line is composed of all the working process steps:milling, mixing, pelleting, cooling and a laboratory for final analysis of the quality of the pellet. There can be pelletized animal feed, biomass, fertilizer and recycling materials.

Click the link below to enter La Meccanica Virtual Tour!