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La Meccanica Academy

The academy is born within La Meccanica organization to share knowledge, information and values.
The academy aims to train the employees of each department and open for the training of Italian and foreign clients.
A way to assure the growth from inside starting from the human assets and intellectual resources of the company while strengthening teamwork and collaboration between colleagues.
The courses are organized by LM SPACE, a service company of La Meccanica group


To program CNC machine movements, you need to know how to use CAD software and CAM software. With this course, you will be able to learn how to make technical computer drawings and to convert the points of the CAD drawings to the numerical coordinates of a graph that the CNC machine is able to read and transform into real movements.


The course will provide knowledge to carry out advanced operating methods for FANUC and HEIDENHAIN numerical controls. At the end of the course, you will have acquired the advanced knowledge to manage a numerically controlled machine tool.


The course is aimed at providing technical skills to acquire the fundamental principles of three-dimensional modelling and to create a 3D parametric variational model of both part and assembly with a relative setting in 2D parametric table complete with dimensioning and technical symbology.


The course is aimed at operators, technicians, designers, designers and sales staff. In short, to all the professional figures that have to do with one of the most "artistic" and difficult to standardize processes in the engineering sector.

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