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La Meccanica Academy

The academy is born within La Meccanica organization to share knowledge, information and values.
The academy aims to train the employees of each department and open for the training of Italian and foreign clients.
A way to assure the growth from inside starting from the human assets and intellectual resources of the company while strengthening teamwork and collaboration between colleagues.
The courses are organized by LM SPACE, a service company of La Meccanica group

Roller bearings

The main purpose is to provide a basic knowledge of the main types of rolling bearings, to know the main characteristics and to be able to link them to the correct application. Starting from the general concepts regarding the correct maintenance of the bearings and the role that lubrication plays, all the main assembly and disassembly techniques of the rolling bearings according to the SKF regulations and with the appropriate equipment will be dealt with.


The main purpose of the course is to learn the basic settings and the correct procedures necessary to avoid the most common mistakes that those who use AutoCAD for a long time also fall. At the end of this first module, the student will be able to correctly set the work, to execute and modify simple drawings, to carry out measurements and the basic printing of what has been drawn.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that allows you to manage and process large amounts of data, organizing them into tables or lists, so that you can perform complex calculations very easily and quickly. One of its potentials is to contain within it a programming language that makes it very versatile: "Visual Basic for Application".


Adobe InDesign is the software for all those, who, professionals or not, deal with graphics and publishing. Electronic publishing has reached a stage in which it is possible to move from theory to practice, thanks to the ever-widening and differentiated offer of devices dedicated to reading digital publications and books. Among the main features of InDesign: multilingual support, advanced management of OpenType fonts, the ability to manage transparency effects, and strong integration with other Adobe products.