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La Meccanica Academy

The academy is born within La Meccanica organization to share knowledge, information and values.
The academy aims to train the employees of each department and open for the training of Italian and foreign clients.
A way to assure the growth from inside starting from the human assets and intellectual resources of the company while strengthening teamwork and collaboration between colleagues.
The courses are organized by LM SPACE, a service company of La Meccanica group

Maintenance of rolling-element bearings

With module 2 of the course, you will learn the general rules on the maintenance and correct assembly and disassembly of rolling-element bearings. A theoretical-practical part will be carried out

Rolling-element bearings: characteristics and lubrication

The course is aimed at technicians and maintenance managers, designers, team leaders and service personnel who wish to have training on rolling-element bearings. It provides a basic knowledge of the main types of rolling bearings and their operating characteristics. During the lesson, you will learn the correct operation and applications.