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Vibrating sifter

Vibrating sifters are used to remove grit and fine particles. La Meccanica’s vibrating sifters are available in a single-deck and a double-deck version and are driven by two special vibration motor, which ensures virtually vibration-free operation. The T/h pellet capacity is from 5 to 30 and the T/h crumbled capacity is from 4 to 20, depending on the model.

- The product in the inlet of the sieve comes leveled on all the width material is evenly distributed across the screens by means of a static distributor adjustable from the exterior
- The robust casing is constructed in 3 mm mild steel with lateral reinforcement
- It is mounted on 8 “soft” springs ensuring all dynamic vibration is transferred to the sieving action
- The screens, constructed in stainless steel, are tensionate by means of indipendent and adjustable springs and attached to two intermediate supports optimizing screen tension
- The screens are easy to change from the back of the machine
- The mechanical action of the sifter is made by two vibrating motors, positioned below the body of the sieve giving easy access to the counterbalances.

Technical features

Model Capacity pellets T/h Motors W/h Surface m²    
VBR 1/6/13 5 2 x 550 1 x 0,82 3515_SCHEDA_VBR_1_06_13.pdf  
VB 2/6/13 16 2 x 800 2 x 0,82 3515_SCHEDA_VB_2_06_13.pdf VB-2-06-13.dwg
VB 2/10/13 30 2 x 1200 2 x 1,35 3515_SCHEDA_VB_2_10_13.pdf VB-2-10-13.dwg
VB 3/10/13 30 2 x 1200 3 x 1,35 VB-3-10-13-2015.pdf VB-3-10-13.dwg
VB 2/15/18​ 60 2 x 2400 2 x 2,27 3518_SCHEDA_VB_2_15_18%20%283%29.pdf VB-2-15-18%20%281%29.dwg