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Horizontal cooler

Every cooler performs two functions: cools and dries the pellet. The horizontal cooler is the alternative solution to the other cooling systems when vertical space is limited or when the product is presented in finely granular form.
La Meccanica's horizontal pellet cooler, with its moving bed, mechanically move and discharge the pellets. This provides the positive flow action which is needed when processing pellets.

horizontal pellet coller
- Cooling deck composed of trays made in stainless steel AISI 430 fixed on both side to high specification chains
- Oscillating pellet distributor at the inlet made in stainless steel
- Air aspiration hood made in stainless steel type 304
- Bin walls made of mild steel with mild steel reinforcements
- Special scraper on the lower deck to collect the dust from the bottom to one side of the cooler.

Technical features

Model Capacity pellets T/h Number of desks Total length m Cooling surface m²    
RO 2.0-1-4.0 6 1 4,00 8
RO 1,5-2-7,0 15 2 13,00 21    
RO 2,0-2-5,0 15 2 9,0 20    
RO 2,0-3-4,0 18 3 12,00 22    
RO 2,0-2-7,0 20 2 13,00 24    
RO 2,0-4-4,0 21 4 14,00 32    
RO 2,0-4-6,0 26 5 18,00 48    

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