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STHT Processor

The STHT processor is a machine which has the function of achieving a quality improvement of pelleting, while at the same time facilitating the sequence of operations. It combines temperature and pressure in the transit of raw materials to provide a crumb with improved nutritional value.
La Meccanica's expanders are very versatile machines that raise the degree of gelatinization of starches and improve the pelletizing of even the most difficult raw materials.

stht processor or expander for animal feed
- Expander is a machine similar to an extruder, combining temperature and pressure to treat and condition raw materials to provide a crumb with improved nutritional value to that of conventional feeds.
- Expander is supplied with:
• drive/power transmission
• charging hopper
• screw for compression and homogenizing
• independent head section with fully adjustable flat die
• multiblade, variable speed knife arrangement cuts the
material into uniform crumb
- Main drive has a hydraulic coupling, with built in torque overload and v-belt drive transfer
- The heavy duty compression screw is constructed out of several sections on a single shaft, increasing shear action
- The die assembly can be hydraulically turned/disconnected from the machine for easy access
- The die aperture is hydraulically controlled allowing operator to increase/reduce compression/shear action and the extrusion/molding of final product remotely
- Variable speed knife arrangement, with independent drive, to determine crumb size and ensures uniform product size
- Through the length of the expander we can add steam under high pressure. It’s possible due to many special injectors
- Numerous injection points allow high-pressure steam, and additional liquids, to be added along the length of the expander
- Automatic control - allows operator to preset parameters and system can fine tune accordingly
- Flexibility due to the number of inlet points and short build up time allows system to stop/start without problems.

Technical features

Expander type Total length Screw Ø Screw speed Barrel length Output T/h Drive kW
STHT 230 4120 230 300 1300 5-12 110-132
STHT 305 6700 305 230 1500 12-20 160-200
STHT 305 compact 3900 305 230 850 12-20 160-200
STHT 350  7405 350 209 2376 24-30 250-315