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Pellet mill CLM 630 Xperience

The pellet mill CLM 630 XPERIENCE with an integrated app is the new innovation of La Meccanica. Thanks to LM Gate App, you can perform some important actions like downloading technical material, real-time monitoring, quick spare parts order and much more. 



“630” units are our most popular and widespread model, thanks to their solid construction and low maintenance costs and machine downtime

Now the series is enriched with the XPERIENCE model with:

- a more compact shape and elegant design,
- reduced surface, which decreases dust access and makes cleaning easier,
- more accessible inspection carters for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance,
- new thermal insulation of the conditioner and heating plates, that guarantee energy savings and high thermal inertia,
- air conditioner with an upward opening for greater inspection ability.



Pellet mill 630 XPERIENCE is equipped with Bluetooth technology. Using this system, beacons transmit their data through smartphones, tablets, telematics, BLE/WiFi gateways to the cloud and displays it directly on every device, ensuring useful real-time information, monitoring, efficient service and quick orders through LM GATE APP.



Main advantages 

Thanks to the development of new software for the machine’s control panel, you’ll have access to useful information to improve the management and efficiency of your pellet mill. The main advantages are:


- control of the pelleting process
- detection of energy consumption
- analysis and research of production process optimization
- scheduled management of ordinary maintenance



Main Characteristic

- Single, double or triple conditioner
- Screw feeder speed can be adjusted with frequency converter 
- An inner diameter of die 630 mm; working track 240 mm.
- 6 pole main motor 200/220 kW
- The main motor is equipped with an intermediate shaft.



- Automatic rolls adjustment (mechanical or hydraulic)
- A quick change of the die by Rapid Block System (15 min.)
- Double bypass
- Special PLC control



Technical features

Component  Collected data  Advantages
Screw feeder Working hours, rotation speed (rpm), motor power absorption Ordinary maintenance, calculation of the volumetric hourly flow rate, detection of the operating status of the feeder detection and recording of the absorbed energy
Conditioner Working hours, rotation speed (rpm), motor power absorption, temperature, % steam valve opening, steam pressure Ordinary maintenance, detection of the conditioner operating status, detection and recording of the absorbed energy, evaluation of the steam flow rate.
Pellet mill block  Working hours die rotation speed (rpm), rollers rotation speed (rpm), engine power absorption, rollers/die distance, support transmission temperature, motor bearings temperature, roller bearings temperature. Ordinary maintenance, control to prevent possible slippage of the rollers and consequent clogging of the machine, detection of the working status of the pellet mill, detection and recording of the absorbed energy, control of the position of the rollers in the various processing steps, adjustment of the distance of the rollers for prevent slipping phenomena, detection of the state of the bearings of the transmission, detection of the state of the bearings of the motor, detection of the state of the roller bearings
Lubrification Working hours, pumping cycles Ordinary maintenance, calculation of grease consumption
General information   Production capacity, energy consumption

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